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Tammy Daniel, Social Worker, The Bridges at Ankeny, Iowa Nursing Home

Tammy Daniel began her career as a Culinary Director, working in various healthcare settings to ensure that residents received proper nutrition and dietary care. While she excelled in this role, Tammy felt a deep desire to connect with residents on a more personal level and provide them with emotional support and advocacy.

Motivated by her passion for improving the lives of others, Tammy made the bold decision to transition to a career as a social worker. She pursued additional on the job education and training, for care plans, PASRR, care plans, and many other assessments. With her background in healthcare and nutrition, Tammy was uniquely equipped to understand the complex needs of residents at The Bridges and provide them with the holistic care they deserved.

Tammy’s transition from Culinary Director to Social Worker was driven by her unwavering commitment to improving the quality of life for those in her care. Through her dedication and compassion, she will make a lasting impact on the lives of countless residents here at The Bridges, providing them with the support and care they need to live their best lives.

In her role as a social worker, Tammy will be able to forge deep connections with our residents, offering emotional support, guidance, and advocacy to help navigate the challenges of aging and healthcare. She will work tirelessly to ensure that every resident receives the personalized care and attention they needed to thrive.

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Our goal is to make Assisted Living accessible to seniors in Ankeny, with the ability to stay close to family and friends and develop an incredible support system of new and old relationships.

As you grow older, your health can change much more rapidly than in your younger years, often requiring different levels of care and specialized attention. With our onsite doctors, we can track your health, or the health of a loved one, to make sure you are receiving proper care. Assisted Living combines the freedom of Independent Living with the added benefit of an attentive staff and all-included services to make daily life easier and more manageable.